From Sales to Marketing Analyst: Aidas Rasimas’s Success Story

From Sales to Marketing Analyst: Aidas Rasimas’s Success Story

The world of data analytics is ever-evolving, and at Turing College, we're committed to nurturing talents who are ready to dive into this dynamic field. Today, we're thrilled to feature Aidas Rasimas, a Turing College alumnus whose journey is a testament to the transformative power of our Data Analytics course.

About Aidas:

Aidas's background spans computer science and sales, with a sprinkle of data analysis in his previous roles. "I've always been a knowledge sponge," he shares, "eager to learn and apply my skills in different settings." His decision to upskill was fueled by the increasing demand for data-related skills in Lithuania.

The Turing College Experience:

Aidas's journey at Turing College was marked by a unique blend of self-paced learning and practical project work. "I loved the flexibility of the course," he reflects. "The ability to study intensely or at a more relaxed pace really suited my learning style."

Community and Mentorship:

The Turing College community played a pivotal role in Aidas's journey. "It's a place where everyone lifts each other up," he says. The mentorship and 1-on-1 sessions with industry professionals provided him with invaluable insights into the data industry and boosted his confidence.

Professional Growth:

Aidas's hard work paid off when he landed not just one, but three job offers, ultimately choosing to be become a marketing analyst at Hostinger. "The hiring mentoring at Turing College, especially the mock interviews, were incredibly helpful," he notes.

Advice for Aspiring Data Analysts:

Aidas urges those at the crossroads of their career to trust their instincts and embrace upskilling. "If you feel the need to upskill, do it! And while at Turing College, immerse yourself in the community. You'll be amazed at what you can learn beyond the curriculum."

Aidas Rasimas's success story is just one of many at Turing College. We're proud to be a part of this journey and look forward to seeing what he achieves next.