Dominika Szulc’s Story: From Optometry to Data Science

Dominika Szulc’s Story: From Optometry to Data Science

Is Turing College different from anything you have tried before? If so, how?

It’s different because of the supportive learning environment. We have standups with people who are kind, understanding, and funny. And what is most important – these people inspire and motivate me to move forward.

What do you like about TC the most?

Learning materials are relevant to industry needs, so I don’t need to go looking for additional sources. Thanks to that, I save a lot of time that I can spend with my family.

What has been your most memorable experience at Turing College so far?

There are a few memorable experiences that I have had at Turing College. From getting approved for the course to becoming a Junior Team Lead and receiving a very good score for my first project. It would be hard to name the most important one. Generally, I consider going through the data science course a personal success, so when someone appreciates my work (sometimes through private messages), I feel that this is a place where I somehow belong, and I enjoy this feeling.

What skills did Turing College help you to develop?

Turing College helps me strengthen my willpower and determination to achieve my goals. This is the first online course in my experience that keeps me motivated at all times.

What are the best parts of being a JTL?

The best part of being a Junior Team Lead is the possibility to help others while learning yourself. Explaining complex concepts in simple terms to others makes me believe that I truly understand them even more strongly.

What are the best parts about having 1on1 code reviews?

The best part about 1on1 code reviews is the possibility of verifying my knowledge with someone experienced in the field. I spend a lot of time on theory, and sometimes I’m unsure if I understand it well enough. Talking with qualified colleagues during 1on1 reviews is a fantastic way to check my understanding.

How is your experience at Turing College linked to your personal goals and future career?

I’ve already started working as a Junior Machine Learning Engineer even though I haven’t finished the course yet. So far, the skills I’ve learned have allowed me to pass a technical interview and start working in the field smoothly. I feel that continuing my studies at Turing College will help me get promoted soon and work on even more challenging and exciting tasks.